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Compounding is the ageless art and science of customizing medications to meet each patient’s specific needs. Compounding is fundamental to the profession of pharmacy and was a standard means of providing prescription medications before drugs began to be mass produced. Basically, as a compounding pharmacy, we take the medicine and make it “fit” each patient. The Pill Box Pharmacy is fully computerized using software specifically designed for compounding, and we only use raw materials that have been tested for purity. Our preparations are randomly selected for testing by an independent laboratory to insure our compounds meet Federal standards established by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Our compounding team continually undergoes training to make sure we are aware of the latest breakthroughs.

The Pill Box Pharmacy of Decatur, Alabama is your local hometown pharmacy serving Morgan County and surrounding areas since 1973. Our Goal is to meet the needs of the patients and the prescriber with personal service that is unmatched. The Pill Box Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy with a convenient drive-thru window. We offer compounding services in the fields of BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), Pain Management, Veterinary, and many more.


The Pill Box Pharmacy of Decatur is now a PCAB Accredited Pharmacy- we are very proud of this accomplishment. What does this mean for you? This means that we take every precaution available to give you the safest and most accurate compounded medication possible. We are held to the highest standards in compounding. Here at The Pill Box Pharmacy, we strive to give you the best experience with your prescriptions. Please call us anytime with any questions or concerns. We are always eager to help!

W hat is compounding and how can it help you? 



Welcome to The Pill Box Pharmacy



What is Compounding and How Can it Help You?

W e Carry Our Own In-house Skin Care Line



What is Compounding and How Can it Help You?


SimplySkin Rx is the innovation of three compounding pharmacists who set out to produce a skin care line with the idea that a skin care regimen should be grounded in science and simple to adhere to.

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We strive to meet YOUR needs with unmatched personal service.

We strive to meet YOUR needs with unmatched personal service.

February Sleep Challenge: Part 2​

I hope you have been waiting for these last 5 causes of insomnia and the lifestyle changes you can make to improve upon them.  I write about sleep a lot because I think it is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.  I have a post-it above my desk that says “Take care of people” to remind me to do what is best for people no matter what.  I think we should all have our own post-it, maybe on the bathroom mirror, that says “Take care of yourself”.  Are you taking care of yourself? Let's recap then continue on to today’s causes of insomnia and potential solutions: Anxiety or depressionAcid RefluxSleep ApneaPainMedication UseOverstimulation.  This is caused by too much exposure to lights and sounds at night. Instituting a bedtime routine that requires you to turn off televisions and other screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime is a good start.  Use this time to tidy up your home from the day’s use or to take a relaxing bath with epsom salts (which can also relieve anxiety).Circadian Rhythm Disturbances.  This is generally caused by shift work or travel.  I’m know there are jobs that require shift work-- but I think in instances that don’t require it, it should be avoided at all costs because it is extremely detrimental to your health. Many people find it useful to take melatonin when they are ready to sleep because the release of melatonin is the body’s natural signal that it is time for sleep.  This is actually one of the few times that I recommend supplements for sleep.Menopause.  Insomnia is more common in females after menopause and one reason for this is the drop in Progesterone.  This hormone is calming and has a metabolite that crosses the blood-brain barrier and causes relaxation.  One of the first things that typically improves from hormone replacement therapy is sleep (even though many marketers would have you believe it is weight loss or libido).  If your hormones are not where they need to be, I recommend you have them checked.  We do hormone testing at The Pill Box Pharmacy and can work with your physician to get you the help you need.  Email catherine@thepillboxofdecatur.com if you have questions about this.Allergies. Oh the misery!  We all know it is impossible to sleep with an inflamed, runny nose.  Non-drug remedies include Breath-Right nasal strips to help open nasal passages, taking a shower before bed, and washing sheets regularly to start.  Also, this is a useful time to take something like Aller-Calm from Wellness Works to decrease your allergic response and inflammation.  This supplement is an herbal blend that fights allergy symptoms from multiple directions and can be a useful addition to your allergy regimen.Restless Leg Syndrome.  If you have restless legs you know how impossible sleep can become.  I suffered with this for YEARS before I finally got it under control (drug-free!) and here is how I managed it.  First, I tracked it.  I tried to notice trends that seemed to cause it or exacerbate it and here is what I discovered-- caffeine made it worse, weight gain made it worse and being sedentary during the day made it worse. So, I cut off caffeine after 4 p.m. and I have a trigger weight, which is a number on the scale that I find unacceptable.  If I reach that number I know it is time to buckle down on my carbohydrate intake and lose a few pounds.  Finally, I see a chiropractor regularly-- this was actually the first step to recovery for me and the other things are more of a maintenance issue at this point. So, there you have them.  These 10 common causes of insomnia may be keeping you up at night.  Did you find these tips helpful?  Or do you think these articles are a waste of your (and my) time?  Let us know by commenting below.

February Sleep Challenge: Part 1​

We fill hundreds of prescriptions each month for medications to help you sleep.  I can’t imagine how many prescriptions for sleep aids are coming in your mailboxes (for those that no longer have the luxury of visiting a community pharmacy, but are required to use a mail-order service by their insurance company).  The question is--- why can’t we sleep?  Fatigue is one of the top 5 symptoms my patients tell me about, right after telling me about their insomnia.  I wrote an article a few months ago with some helpful hints that you can find here.  I’m not going to review those tips in this article, but there is some good material there so I recommend you check it out also.Back to the question: Why can’t we sleep??? I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons for insomnia, and a lifestyle change that would help to alleviate each cause.  We’ll cover the first 5 today and the next 5 will be posted later this month.  The challenge this month is for you to pick from the list what might be causing your sleep issues, try the lifestyle modification or take steps to meet with your physician to work on your sleep issues if needed.​ Anxiety or depression.  Going along with this is anger, worry, grief, mental illness. This is a broad topic and I am not writing to make light of these situations.  Certainly, there are instances where prescription medications are warranted.  However, in many cases, the problem can be dealt with in a manner that does not require medications. In some cases, the problem is transient and will resolve over time.  The information provided here can be used in addition to prescription medications when those are required. Get to the root of the anxiety/depression etc.  For depression-- practice gratefulness by writing a list of things you are thankful for each day before bedtime. For anxiety-- evaluate “worst case scenarios” and imagine how you would work through them.  Sometimes having a plan can alleviate anxiety.  Sound simple?  Sure it does!  Have you done this?  I’m guessing most of you haven’t.  I urge you to try the simple things.  Try a few simple things.  Drugs are complicated.  Messing with your body’s chemistry is complicated.  Don’t assume your problem won’t respond to simple solutions.Acid Reflux.  You know that feeling-- the burning and pain and acid taste in your mouth.  You might prop up the pillows to give gravity a chance to help you feel better, but of course then you can’t sleep because upright sleep just isn’t comfortable.  You take the calcium tabs...that help the reflux but also cause constipation, then you have another problem to deal with.  If only there was a way to get rid of acid reflux without medications.  Guess what-- there is!!!  MOST people with acid reflux will be completely cured with a low-carbohydrate diet, and bonus, you might loseweight...which is the solution for problem #4.Sleep Apnea.  See problem 3.  Lose weight.  I know that’s not simple for some people, but it is necessary.  Again, I recommend a low carbohydrate diet because it works...it just works.  And I talk to so many people that tell me they have tried everything to lose weight, but as soon as we discuss a low-carbohydrate diet they freeze.  It’s a real conversation killer.  And I don’t know why because a low-carbohydrate diet is SO enjoyable-- you can have bacon for crying out loud!Pain.  Chronic pain is a real bummer and I suppose that is the understatement of the year.  If you have chronic pain, my recommendation would be to try multiple solutions at once to get the most relief.  If opioid pain medications are your only form of relief you are most likely not experiencing enough relief.  You might need to look into additional treatments such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, meditation, or hypnosis. One of the biggest problems with chronic pain in regards to sleeping is the inability of your brain to filter out the pain messages your body is sending.  Pain medications obviously help with this, but if you combine that power with the power provided by meditation or hypnosis you will get more results.  I guarantee it.Medication Use.  I see this issue literally every day.  People have fatigue during the day so they take some form of medication/supplement/caffeine to wake them up. Then at night, the effect hasn’t completely worn off so they must take another medication/supplement/alcohol to bring them down.  It’s a classic cycle of uppers and downers, stimulants and sedatives.  There is only one way off of this merry-go-round and that is to break the cycle.  You should taper yourself off of the stimulants first-- as approved by your physician.  As the stimulants are removed, you may find that you are more sleepy at night and can begin to taper down the sleeping medications.  So, those are the first 5 common causes of insomnia.  Do any of these sound like you? What are you doing to fix it?  We love to hear from you, so tell us like it is.

Declutter to Destress

Welcome to our first challenge of 2017!  If you read our last blog, you know that we are going to have a challenge every month this year to help you de-stress different areas of your life.  I believe that knocking out stress is one of the best things that you can do for your health and that stress is at the core of so many problems related to our physical and mental status.   For January, we are going to focus on decluttering our homes.  I feel that January is the most natural time to do this because you are already taking down Christmas decorations, getting into the attic, finding storage areas for items you received at Christmas.  It just makes sense!  Also, I find it difficult to focus on accomplishing ANY other tasks in my life when my personal space is a wreck-- I bet you do too.  So, here is how the challenge will work: you pick an area (or areas) to declutter, use some of the tips we provide, and take a before and after photo.  We will have a challenge post on our Facebook page where you can post your before and after photos.  At the end of January we will pick 1 lucky winner to receive the new EO brand All-Purpose Soap for your home!  This soap can be used to clean counters, floor, windows, dishes, laundry-- anything! So, let’s get started with some tips! The first thing to consider is WHY you are doing this?  It needs to be more than just--I want a clean house.  That is a good place to start, but why do you want a clean house?  What does having a clean house mean to you?  What would it do for you to have a clean house?  For me, it means being in control of myself and my space.  It means that my mind is clear and I am not juggling too many things at one time.  For my life, a messy house is always a signal of too much-- too many things, too many commitments, too much busy!  When my home is clean it shows me that I have a better handle on what is really important to me.  What does having a clean space mean to you? Now that you know why you are doing this, you need a place to start.  I recommend having 1 room that is your priority and you starting place always.  At my house, it is my living room and here is why.  We choose our living room to sit down and take respite at the end of every day-- so I always tackle my living room first so that no matter what the day brings, I can sit down in at least one tidy room at the end of it.  Also, I have my living room set up to be an “easy win”-- which means it only takes me a few minutes to tidy this room and I feel like I have accomplished something important, and that is motivating to me to tackle the next big project.  To give yourself an easy win, pick one room to get super organized-- pare down the number of items in that room to only the essentials and be sure that everything in that room has a place or storage area.  DO NOT let this room be a dumping ground for miscellaneous items like mail and keys and shoes.   Once you have this basic beginning-- one room for respite-- I recommend that you begin a major decluttering of your entire home.  There are 2 main methods for doing this: 1.) By room  2.) By categoryLet’s start with the most traditional way, which is by room.  This is the way I have ALWAYS decluttered, and I bet most of you have done this too.  There are certainly some benefits to this, like, you actually finish one room and feel that sense of accomplishment.  You only have 1 room “torn up” at a time.  There are also some drawbacks to this method though--like, you lose steam and never finish your entire home.  You end up moving things from one room to another and not truly getting rid of things.   Now, for the other method: by category.  I must admit, I have not completed this method myself but I have been researching the results of lots of people that have used this method in the past few years and I am excited to complete this method myself since it will be something different than I have ever tried before.  Hopefully it will take me (and you!) to a new definition of decluttered!  This method was popularized by Marie Kondo in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.  In the book, Kondo recommends that you declutter by category,in a specific order, and that you do your whole home at once-- which takes about six months, but she says that you will never have to do this again if you adopt the principles that she teaches. So, just to give you an example, she recommends starting with your clothing and gathering ALL of the clothing in your home to one place.  Discard ANYTHING that doesn’t spark joy in your life. Reorganize what is left and find the place to store it.  She has a particular method for determining what to keep vs. what to discard and it really gives you the freedom to get rid of things you don’t want or need any longer.  One of the reasons for doing things by category is that you sometimes don’t realize how many duplicates of 1 item you have just because you are storing them in different places.  One example from my home is jackets-- I have jackets in my closet, in a separate coat closet, and in my mud room locker.  If I were to toss these all in a pile together I’m sure I would be mortified by how many I have!  However, if I were to clean one area at a time I might not notice that I have an obscene amount.  Make sense? However you choose to declutter-- good luck!  We want to see your decluttering photos on Facebook and I’ll post mine there too.  ​



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