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Vitamins and Supplements That Your Senior Dog Should Be Taking​

Most of us take a vitamin or two once daily or at least think about it. But did you know that our
pets, especially our aging pets, could benefit from taking vitamins every day? As our furbabies
head into their golden years, here are a few supplements that could help them retain their
puppy and kitten demeanor.



Every dog and cat should be taking an Omega-3 supplement. That is always the first thing I
recommend to every pet parent. It has been shown to relieve dry itchy skin, act as an anti-
inflammatory, promote heart health, decrease shedding, help with hairballs, and lubricate
joints. It comes in two forms: capsules and liquid. We carry the liquid in-store, as I have found
that it is super easy to pump 2 pumps into my dogs’ and cats’ food bowls. Saves me from having
to chase them around the house and wrestle a capsule into their mouths. It’s completely
unscented and has shown the most results.


A Senior-specific Multi-Vitamin


Just like our needs change as we age, so does our pet’s needs. A multi-vitamin formulated for
aging pets makes sure that they get everything they need and nothing they don’t. My 13 year
old Border Collie mix takes Senior-Vite, a multivitamin that we carry in-store. It has Selenium,
which supports the immune system and is anti-cancer, Biotin for healthy skin and coat, and
antioxidants that help reduce the effects of aging. She thinks she is getting a treat, little does
she know that treat is improving her mental and physical abilities!



Last but not least, Ubiquinol, also known as CoQ10, is essential for heart health. The heart is a
muscle that can start to wear down the longer it works. CoQ10 not only improves heart health
but aids in oral health. I try to avoid teeth cleaning for my senior dog as the anesthesia would
have tougher effects on her body the older she gets. Her memory has also improved since
adding this to her daily routine. I’m no longer finding forgotten bones hidden around the yard
and she is waiting by the door for breakfast every morning at 5a.m. on the dot.
We love our animals and do crazy things for them. Maybe adding a vitamin or two to their food
bowl in the morning could benefit them and it is easy for you to do as well!


Kimberly Redler
Certified Pet NutritionistPost Text